1. Introduction
  2. Condition
  3. Exception

Self Note on Eulerian Path


Eulerian Path are paths that

  1. Start at some node
  2. Visit every node exactly once
  3. And ends

Eulerian paths

For the above Diagram We can start at some node for example say
We starts at node D
The next criteria is Visit every node exactly once

In the above graph we can transverse in any manner. I’m transversing in following manner.

D -> B -> A -> D -> C -> A

So in the above we have an Eulerian path that started at D and ended at A


If a graph is connected and have a two node with even degree, than it has an
Eulerian path.

As seen from above example the starting and ending node D and A has an odd degree.

If Graph has all odd degree that graph can’t have a Eulerian Path


If all the node is of even degree

For example
The below graph has an Eulerian Path even when all of it’s node is even

Even Eulerian


A -> B -> C -> E -> B -> D -> C -> A

We start and end up at the same node so the node should have a even degree
This is special kind of the Eulerian Path and this is known as Eulerian Tour